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Various services such as training courses and additional products such as cleaners and adhesive systems round off our portfolio.
KASIGLAS® offers everything that is required for the maintenance, care and processing of the products - all from a single source.

Roof hatches MFE

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If the vehicle doors are blocked - and this is the case in many accidents - the only way out is through the roof. A generously dimensioned exit is life-saving, especially if the exit has to be made in full gear and equipment.

Our roof hatch is quick and easy to use. A few movements are enough to be out of danger. This module can be retrofitted to most vehicles and also improves interior ventilation.

Emergency Escape Folder

Installation training

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Scheiben sind niemals nur Scheiben. Sie sind immer Teil eines komplexen Systems: „Fahrzeug“. Umso wichtiger ist, dass die KASIGLAS®-Scheibe nach dem Austausch auch korrekt sitzt.

Auch moderne Assistenzsysteme sind auf eine punktgenaue Montage angewiesen, sonst gibt es Fehlalarme oder Ausfälle. Deshalb unterstützen unsere Coaches Sie dabei, ihre KASIGLAS®-Scheiben nach Lehrbuch zu montieren - bei Ihnen vor Ort, in Ihrer Werkstatt, mit Ihren Werkzeugen.



The adhesive must act as a smart intermediary between the body and the window and must not stand in the way of safety. Too brittle: the adhesive will splinter. Too soft: the adhesive melts away in the summer sun.

In short: Bonding high-tech materials is also high-tech! That is why we recommend our adhesive systems - optimised for bodywork paints and all our safety windows.

High-pressure washing system


The following applies to all car washes: Beware of abrasive sand! The finest grains of sand that are rubbed over the windows by the wipers. They can destroy the coating in the long term.

The solution: Our high pressure washing system. It is designed always to put water on the pane before the wiper starts. Several litres per minute. And under pressure. Consequence: Emery sand has no chance.


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Plastics are allergic to the wrong cleaning agents. Some even are dissolved by them. Cleaners for ordinary window glass are therefore taboo. On the other hand: Tree resin, insects and other organic substances are difficult to remove, especially from plastic.

Our cleaners solve both problems. Competent and fast. In short: Excellent products like KASIGLAS® need excellent care.

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